ISE Digital (Ill Skillz Entertainment) Founded in 1995.
The Label ISE DIGITAL formerly known as ILL SKILLZ ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 1995 by Eric (Black MC) Snipe and Rasheb T. Knight. These two created a music group called Da Ill Clique. In the year 1996 Eric Snipe resigned from Ill Skillz Music. Ill Skillz Music was reconstructed and brought in a new president by the name of Carl (Gran Centennial) Haris. Ill Skillz Music name was later changed to Ill Skillz Entertainment who had there first group DRAMA. For over 20 years Ill Skillz Entertainment has been producing projects and releasing various artist such as Shyizm, Gran Centennial, The Future and many others. As we relaunch the label with new acts and projects the name was change to ISE Digital. ISE Digital is responsible for the first Real label App to hit the Play Store.

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