Solo Song Soundtrack Placement

(limited time only)
Subscribe for free and upload as many songs as you like to your digital ISE song box. Songs that are chosen by our staff will be place on any soundtrack of any movie, film, tv show, commercial or footage produced by our sister companies ISETV for quarterly payouts through digital distribution. Songs that are uploaded to your digital song box will be automatically place on the ISE Digital Song Box Station (All Genres) on our sister company ISE Radio If any of these songs reach 100 likes you will receive your own STREAMING APP (ARTIST APP)

Label App (Package)

Join the team and be a part of the movement for only $149.99 a month. Upon your membership, you will receive the following:

1. Add as many Artist to your label and your artist will receive their own profile to access tools and features that will bring subsribers to your label etc.
2. Once you upload your artist albums random songs will be placed on ISE radio app, Roku and Amazon FireTV for promotion.
3. Receive your own label app that will be available for Android as a stand alone app and hosted on the ISE Digital App/Team ISE App on iPhone.
4. Your app will also be available on the Roku TV for your subscribers to subscribe to.
5. This app will allow you to monetize your content by providing a subscription cost to your app.

TEAM ISE link to JOIN as a LABEL if you are NOT already a member. After joining, email us to receive your Sign Up Link)


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