We believe in the beginning indie labels have been at the mercy of major labels. Now all labels are at the mercy of the STREAMING INDUSTRY. Streaming is the new distribution and the new way to consume music. A consumer will pay for a monthly subscription to have access to a wide range of music. As the consumer continues to pay for their monthly subscription the streaming service will continue to grow and continue to make their money which then leaves the labels and artist with the crumbs that are divided out every quarter. As we continue to move forward into the future, the independent industry is growing at a rapid paste and we don’t want you to miss a single step. ISE Digital is the solution to the industries future. Our purpose is to provide all tools, products and services that will bring success in your indie journey.


Turn your record company to the new Digital Label


The Future - Crybaby

2007 Ill Skillz Entertainment

I.S.E - The Way I See It

2004 Ill Skillz Entertainment


TD Ban$$$ - Who Is You

2018 IM Indie Radio

C Green - On God

2018 IM Indie Radio


Dulla - I Told You

2018 ISE Digital

Shyizm - Put Ya Drinks Down

2014 Ill Skillz Entertainment


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